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VetWorld: Veterinary Listings for Brazil

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Sao Paulo

Clinica Veterinaria Prontovet
Rua Angelo Dalla Dea, 586
Brotas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 17380-000

Tel: (014) 653 2383

Dr. Paula B. Castro Martinelli

Hours: 8am - 12 pm and 2:00pm - 6:00 pm

Notes: Small Animals, Feline and Canine

Equine Clinic Dr. Cavallari
Santa Crescencia, 323
Sao Paulo, Brazil 05423-020

Tel: 55 11 842 8384
Fax: 55 11 842 8384

Dr. Fernando Cavallari
Dr. Valeria Cavallari
Dr. Fabio Lvaro Cavallari
Hours: 24 hours per day

Information: Equine Clinic. Radiology, etc.

Teaching Hospital in Brazil:

Divis▄o de Animais de Companhia - (Small Animal Section)
Hospital VeterinÓrio
Universidade Estadual de Londrina Londrina, ParanÓ, Brazil

Campus UniversitÓrio
Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid s/n

Tel: x55 43 371 4269 || x55 43 371 4339 Fax: x55 43 371 4309 EMail Head of small animal section

Small animal primary care and referal. Hours: 9:00 am to 12noon and 3 pm to 5 pm; 24 hour emergency receiving. Referal DVMs:

Dra. Eliane C. Palaoro Pereira, MV, MS : Dermatology
Dr. Helio S. Autran de Morais, MV, MS, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Medicine & Cardiology): Internal Medicine & Cardiology
Dra. Janis R. Messias Gonzalez, MV, MS.: Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasound
Dra. Maria de Lourdes Estrella Faria, MV, MS, PhD : Surgery /Orthopedics
Dra. Miriam S. Baptista de Souza, MV, MS.: Soft Tissue Surgery/Ophtalmology
Dra. M¬nica Vicky Bahr Arias, MV, MS.: Surgery & Neurology
Dra. PatrŇcia Mendes Pereira, MV, MS. : Cardiology & Hematology
Dr. Pedro LuŇs de Camargo, MV, MS. : Internal Medicine / Gastroenterology
Dra. Maria Isabel M. Martins, MV, MS.: Theriogenology (andrology & gynecology)


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