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Submit Your Inertnational/Non-US Clinic to Our Directory

If you are a veterinarian and wish to have your practice listed in VetWorld/VetWorld, please fill in the information below. We are a free service. Remember to be as specific as possible as this is how new clients will find you. Also, we do not maintain our mailing lists from the information you submit. We will not be contacting you again except to let you know that your listing is available or if we have a question about your listing. Once the listing is submitted and entered it is thrown away. Please provide the necessary information to correctly portray your clinic to consumers looking for a veterinarian in their area. Be sure to include the telephone number and an email address as well as your web site if you have one. 

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your listing up to date. Send changes to VetWorld  If your record is really outdated, please submit a new form and put in the notes area that it replaces and old listing.

We reserve the right to edit the additional information section for length. 

Submissions not containing the required fields will not be considered. 
Submissions for casinos, adult material and those not relating to the veterinary profession will be discarded. Please don't waste your time or ours. 

Do not use this form to complain about a vet or clinic.  We'll just delete it.

Fill in the information below for your FREE listing in our directory:
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If your information changes, please send us an email to request an update.

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